SIDERIS s.a began her activities in 1979 in the space of treatment and standardisation of frozen fish catches in laboratory that we created in the Laurel. Slower this laboratories were also extended in other spaces in Attica.

The last 15 times we installed itself in space of refrigerators Europe creating bigger and evener spaces. Simultaneously we extended itself and dealt closer and with the trade processed and non products. Thus, this moment we traded also frozen meats (in small quantities), as well as frozen vegetables.

Exists network distribution inside the Prefecture Attica and serves roughly 2000 customers in all Greece. Occupy roughly 22 individuals as personnel, most from which they deal with the treatment and the standardisation of our products.

8 P. Ralli str. 11855, Rouf, Tel: (+30)210 3426012, 210 3412662, Fax:(+30) 210 3412661, e-mail: